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About West Bengal

West Bengal is located in the eastern part of India but still itis called West Bengal. This is because in 1905 the whole of Bengal was dividedinto two parts by the British colonial rulers of India. But the then formedEast Bengal is now not a part of India; it is a country itself as Bangladesh.West Bengal is a fairly big area that has Assam, Bihar, Sikkim and Jharkhand asits neighboring states. It also shares borders with Nepal and Bhutan.

West Bengal is one of the first destinations in a tourist’sitinerary visiting the eastern part of the country. Calcutta (Kolkata), thecapital of the   state is the proudintellectual capital of the country. The city has made outstanding contributionto the country in the fields of art, science, medicine, social reform andliterature. The city retains some of the most striking colonial buildings ofthe country. It used to be the capital of the British East India Company andthe evidence of the British colonization continues in the city even today. TheVictoria Memorial is a majestic house constructed in the memory of QueenVictoria. This building houses a number of rare specimens of the historicalpreserves of the land. Moreover, the manuscripts, the paintings and thesculptures here are outstanding. Howrah Bridge is yet another landmark thatdenotes this city of joy. This hanging bridge is an architectural marvel of thecountry. The second largest planetarium in Asia, the Birla Planetarium, isanother site that attracts attention of all, regardless of their age.

The Botanical Garden with its 250-year-old banyan tree (Ficusbengalhensis) is another, attraction of the city. The Dakshineshwar Temple isan important pilgrimage center that attracts a number of tourists as well aspilgrims from all over the country. It is said that Shri RamakrishnaParamhansa, the spiritual guru of Swami Vivekananda, used to worship GoddessKali in this place. The recently built Vidyasagar Setu, another architecturalmarvel, connects both the banks of the Hooghly River. Thakur Bari, theresidence of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, is another site that receives a herdof visitors every year. Moreover, the Metro Railway, National Library, ShaheedMinar, Eden Garden, Fort William, Rat Park and Marble Palace are some of theother sites of the city that are worth visiting.

Shantiniketan, Tagore’s university township, is a must on anyitinerary that plots Bengal as a stopover. Just two and a half hours away byrail from Calcutta, this town in the Birbhum district is rich in culture andart. At Tagore’s residence in the Uttarayan complex, one could visit the museumand his various homes. From Shantiniketan, you could also take a stopover atBakreswar, where ancient Kali and Shiva temples rise into the azure sky. Thehot springs are famous for curing many chronic diseases. For witnessing thesheer magnificence of the mountains, untouched and unspoiled, one should visitthe hill station of Darjeeling, located 7,000 feet above sea level. Darjeelingis famous for its flavored tea all over the world. The brew is often comparedto champagne and the tea gardens that dot the slopes are witness to thisgigantic industry. The Himalayan Mountaineering Institute is a paradise fortrekkers. West Bengal has lot more to offer as a tourist destination.-- Digha,Siliguri, Gaur, Pandua, Murshidabad, Bishnupur, Haldia and the Sunderban TigerReserve are some of the few places of West Bengal that need to be mentionedhere.

The rich culture of the state binds the population togetherthrough its unique unity in diversity and offers matchless geographical varietyto its visitors. West Bengal, located in the eastern part of the Indianpeninsula, is one of the country’s medium-sized, states. However, in itsphysical form, it is a complete representation of the Indian subcontinent.Darjeeling, its northern end, is embraced by the arms of the mighty Himalayas.The Dooars in the foothills are rich in forest. The unconquerable river Gangaflows across the state’s rich alluvial plains to reach the Bay of Bengal in thesouth, through vast swamps that are known as the Sundarbans. Other ultimatetravel destinations of West Bengal are Darjeeling, Mandarmani Sea Beach, ChintamaniKar Bird Sanctuary, Cooch Behar Palace, Dakshineswar Kali Temple, etc. The richflora and fauna of West Bengal can easily be witnessed in the Chintamani KarBird Sanctuary.

 There are many activitiesthat can be done in west Bengal, of which the most popular are trekking,mountain biking, water skiing, rock climbing, river rafting, yachting and carrally. West Bengal is a majestic place if come up with a well-planned holiday.

                                               Popular  Destinations

                 - Alipurduar      -Bagdogra        - Bankura            - Bardhaman

                - Birbhum          - Bishnupur       - Chandannagar   - Darjeeling

                - Digha              -Hooghly          - Howrah             - Jalpaiguri

                - Kalimpong       -Kharagpur      - Kolkata              - Maldah

                - Murshidabad    -Parganas       -Purba Medinipur  - Rimbick

               - Serampore       -Shantiniketan - Siliguri               - Sundarban

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