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About Tripura

Locatedon the extreme corner of the Indian subcontinent, Tripura has Bangladesh as itsborder on its north, west and south. Assam and Mizoram border the eastern partof the state. Tripura was always a princely state ruled by a Maharaja until thetime of independence and never came under British supervision. This meant thatit did not become ‘fashionable’ as a winter resort like Shillong (in Meghalaya)and Shimla (in Himachal Pradesh) became. Yet, this tiny state - the smallest interms of area, claim to a variety of attractions in terms of archeologicalimportance, religious significance, folk and tribal culture and ethnicartifacts.

Tripurais located in North-east India. The state government of Tripura has giventourism the status of an industry. Tripura Tour becomes an unmatched memoryowing to its natural beauty of rich forestlands, rivers, hills and valleys.Tripura is inhabited by a variety of tribes and cultural groups making its adistinctive culturally diverse travel destination.

 An interesting fact about this state is hometo largest number of primate species in comparison to the other states ofIndia. Tripura is a treat to nature lovers as it has many wildlife sanctuaries.Along with that it is also a preferred site in terms of Archaeological tourism.

Activitiesto enjoy in Tripura are trekking, hiking and sightseeing. A trip to Tripura canhelp you rejuvenate your senses as you rewind your body and soul in theserenity of this place. The state has several places of tourist importance likeAgartala, Unakoti, Pilak, Udaipur, Tripurasundari Temple, Ujjayanta Palace,Neermahal, Jampui Hill, Bhavaneswari Temple, Sepahijala, Kamalasagar,Deotamura, and Dumboor Lake. Moreover, there are the Buddhist monasteries inAgartala, Pecharthal, Kanchanpur,  ManuBakul, Pilak, and Boxnagar.

                                    Popular  Destinations

              - Agartala              - BhavaneswariTemple    - Deotamura Lake

              - Dharmanagar      - Dumboor Lake    -Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary

              - Jampui Hill           - Kailashahar                   - Kamalasagar

             -Kumarghat    - Kunjaban    - Narsinghgarh    - Neermahal 

            - Pilak              - Rowa WildlifeSanctuary        - Rudrasagar Lake

            - Sepahijala     - Tripura Museum      - Tripurasundari Temple

            - Udaipur               - Ujjayanta Palace             - Unakoti

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