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About Tamilnadu

TamilNadu has glorious past, a vibrant culture, a rich history, and natural bountyin the form of blue beaches and clear skies. One can enjoy on the Marina beach,go cruising in the theme parks, or let the mind search for peace in the midstof magnificent temples. Alternatively, one can relish the mouth-watering dosas,savor the refreshing filter coffee, or enjoy the Bharatnatyam performances. TamilNadu is not about the past only, but it has set it's site on the future. Thestate is developing rapidly on all the fronts whether it is economy, social,human resource, culture, and so on. Tamil Nadu is one of the top three Indian states,which receive highest foreign investment in the sectors like automobiles,information technology, power, telecommunication, and others. On the socialfront, the state has a high per capita income, there is easy availability ofsocial resources to people, and it produces quite a large number of trainedmanpower to increase the productivity. No wonder that the past and present inTamil Nadu has a harmonious coexistence.

TamilNadu, located in south India, is bounded on the north by Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka,on the south by the Indian Ocean, on the east by the Bay of Bengal, and byKerala on the west. Point Calimere and the Mudumulai Wildlife Sanctuary markthe eastern and western limits of the state respectively. The northernmostlimit is the Pulicat Lake while the southernmost tip, defining the end of theIndian landmass, is Cape Comorin or Kanyakumari. The land can be divided intofive major physical divisions - the Kurinji or mountainous region, the Mullaior forest region, the Palai or arid region, the Marudham or the fertile plainsand the Neidhal or coastal region. The Eastern and Western Ghats meet in TamilNadu and run along its eastern and western boundaries. The Cauvery River,originating in the Coorg district of the neighboring state of Karnataka, is thelifeline of the state. The lush Coromandal plains are irrigated by the Cauveryand its Thanjavur-Nagapattinam delta is called  the granary of Tamil Nadu. Palar, Pennar,Vaigai, and Tamiraparani are the other rivers of the state.

TamilNadu is a land of varied beauty. It is mostly famous for its numerous Hindutemples based on the Dravidian architecture. The temples are of a distinctstyle, which is famous for its towering Gopuram. Popular temple towns includeMadurai, Trichy, Tanjore, Kanchipuram, Palani, Tiruvallur and Mahabalipuram.The most famous temple is the Brihadisvara Temple in Thanjavur that is about1000 years old and is on the UNESCO's World Heritage Site list. Tamil Nadu alsohas the Navagraha temples that are a popular pilgrim circuit. Kanyakumari, thesouthern most tip of peninsular India, is famous for its distinct and beautifulsunrise, Vivekanda Rock Memorial on the mid-sea, Thiruvalluvar statue and hassome very green hilly landscape and picture-postcard  perfect sceneries around the district andNagercoil. Hill stations like Kodaikanal and Nilgiris boast some of thestunning landscapes in India. The Nilgiris also has one of the two mountainRailways in India and is being evaluated for the UNESCO's World Heritage Sitelist. The Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary located in Gudalur near the border ofKarnataka known for its elephants, tigers and deer and the Pitchavaram Mangroveforests located in Chidambaram are two of the many eco-tourism spots ofimportance. Tamil Nadu, the cradle of south Indian temple architecture, is aliving museum of styles that originated in the seventh century and matured inthe huge temple complexes studded with towering gateways-Gopuram-that soar onthe skyline of almost every town in the state. 

                                                 Popular  Destinations

       - Chennai       - Chidambaram    - Coimbatore   - Coonoor       - Covelong

       - Cuddalore     - Dindigul       - Erode        - Kanchipuram   - Kanyakumari

       - Karaikal      - Kodaikanal     - Krishnagiri     - Kumbakonam    - Madurai

       - Mahabalipuram   - Mamallapuram   - Mettupalayam   - Nagapattinam  

       - Nagercoil     - Namakkal    - Nilgiris     - Ooty       - Palani        - Periyar

       - Pondicherry   - Ramanathapuram - Rameshwaram  - Salem    - Thanjavur

       - Tichy         - Tirunelveli    - Tirupur      - Tiruvallur    - Tiruvannamalai         

       - Vellore       - Viluppuram           - Virudhunagar            - Yercaud  


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