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About Rajasthan

Rajasthan,the Land of Kings is synonymous to heroism, royalty and honour. Historic talesof battles fought and romance of the riches adorn the walls of the state.Established in the era marked with wartime ballads yet living in the modernperiod, this beautiful region is a travellers' destination. Those looking outfor the remnants of the past should not pass up a trip to Rajasthan. Forwanderers interested in adventures at the various landscapes should definitelyget a glimpse of this venturesome state. And for the ones who plan to have a quietsojourn gazing at the beauty of the golden sand dunes, Rajasthan tops yourlist. Come, explore the miscellany of the old and the new in Rajasthan, aglittering jewel of India.

Thedisintegration of the well spread Gupta empire marks the onset of Rajputana, acollection of several princely states of Rajasthan. The Rajputs faced severMuslim attacks but their courage and honour for their land kept them strong.This period of evolution witnessed great leaders like Prithvi Raj Chauhan, RanaPratap of Mewar who defied the mighty Mughal Emperor Akbar. However, in the18th century, the Mughal Empire faced a major fall-back as the British madetheir presence felt in the country. Most of the princely states continued withself-governance but at the time of Independence, Rajputana majorly comprised of18 princely states, two chieftains and a British administered province ofAjmer-Merwara.

The1950s mark the merging of these 18 provinces into one whole state and Sawai ManSingh II, then Maharaja of Jaipur was made the Rajpramukh. Today Rajasthan has33 districts.

Thecontour of Rajasthan is varied and well divided by the Aravalli Range thatspreads across the state from the southwest to the northeast. With anunproductive region in the northwest to a comparatively fertile land in theeast, Rajasthan's topography is a potpourri of the sandy deserts and prolificvegetation. It is home to the Great Indian Thar Desert and the Chambal Riverwhich is solely responsible for the water supply in the region.

  Irrespective of rich cultural roots,Rajasthan is equally modern and flourishing as any other urban city. The stateroads flaunt the most expensive vehicles and at the same time run camel carts,horse drawn tongas and scooter rickshaws. The region is well connected by a networkof roads and a steadily improving transport system. When it comes toaccommodation, Rajasthan welcomes royal tourists and backpacking travellersequally. Your choices range from luxurious hotels to economical yet comfortabledormitories.

                                       Popular  Destinations

          - Ajmer           - Alsisar         - Alwar         - Barmer            - Bharatpur

          -Bikaner         - Bundi          - Chittorgarh      - Dausa        - Deogarh

          -Deshnoke     - Dungarpur    - Gajner            - Jaipur         - Jaisalmer

          -Jhunjhunu    - Jodhpur        - Karauli            - Khimsar      - Kota

          -Kuchaman    - Kumbhalgarh   - Madhopur     - Mandawa    - Mount Abu

          -Nagaur        - Nathdwara       - Nawalgarh    - Osian          - Pachewar

          - Pali       - Pushkar         - Ramdevra         - Ranakpur     -Ranthambore

          -Samode        - Sariska        - Sawai Madhopur            - Shahpura               

          -Shekhawati    - Sikar         - Sirohi      - Sri Ganganagar      - Udaipur

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