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About Arunachal Pradesh

The frontier state of India, Arunachal Pradeshshares its border with Tibet (China), Bhutan and Myanmar (Burma). A uniquehabitat with Glaciers, high altitude meadows, sub-tropical forests and anamazing array of flora and fauna, all this and more strewn generously withglistening water  bodies and gushingrivers.

The wildlife is equally rich and varied, whichincludes elephants, tigers, leopards, jungle cats and also white gibbons, redpandas, the musk and the "Mithun" (BOS FRONTALIS).

Arunachal Pradesh also finds mention inliterature such as the Kalika Puran and epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana. Itis believed that sage Vyasa was here to do penance. One more interestingfeature is the remains of a brick structure scattered around two villages inthe hills north of Roing, believed to be the palace of Rukmini, the consort ofLord Krishna.

The people with a glorious past have a deepsense of beauty that finds delightful expression in their songs, dances andcrafts. Many tribal languages are spoken in the state. English, Assamese,Bengali and Hindi are also spoken by a large section of the people. TheDonyi-polo is the ancient religion of these people, still followed by many;Buddhism & Christianity are the other major religions. There are also a minorityof Hindus in the state.

Its dense forests, snow clad peaks, toweringmountains and roaring rivers offer numerous opportunities for rafting, hiking,mountaineering or  simply basking- in allit's beauty. River rafting is the most popular of all the tourists’ Activities inArunachal Pradesh. River rafting is enjoyed mainly in the Brahmaputra,Subansari and Kameng rivers. In fact Brahmaputra River has a repute of beingone of the best in the world for river rafting. Subansari River is a tributaryof Brahmaputra and is commonly known as the “Gold River” in Arunachal Pradesh.

The picturesque location of Arunachal Pradeshis evident from the very name of the state which means, “Land of the risingsun”. Arunachal Pradesh Tours should be planned in accordance with the weatherof the state. The best time to visit Arunachal Pradesh is between the longseasonal span of October to April.

                                                        Popular Destinations     

              - Aalo             - Along       - Anini         - Bhalukpong       - Bomdila 

              - Changlang     - Dirang     - Daporijo    - Itanagar           - Hayuliang 

              - Kameng        - Lohit        - Mechuka    - Namdapha NationalPark 

              - Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary  - Parasuram Kund   - Pasighat    - Roing 

              - Sangti      - Sella Pass      - Tawang      - Tezu      - Tuting     - Ziro

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